You've probably seen the 'TP Powers' listing on a few people's +powers and wonder just what they are. Well, here's an explanation.

A TP power is, in short, a power that's extremely special and isn't to be used under regular circumstances. This could be for a variety of reasons, though the most typical is raw destructive power. However, that's not the only thing - some have godlike capabilities, extreme reality changing abilities, and other things of that nature.

TP Powers are usually things that have a TREMENDOUS effect. But they come at a price. TP powers can almost NEVER be within your character's full control. They should not have ever truly been under your character's full control even before Unification. If it's under your character's full control, the power should usually be on the regular PL scale, perhaps an Aura Flare. You MUST have admin permission in order to use a TP power - and you might well not get it if it's an impromptu request. As the name states, a TP power is most often used in a TP.

The most common way of expressing this is, say, an artifact. Let's say Joe has the Rune of Asskicking. The Rune, however, will only allow itself to be used under special circumstances (as determined by admin on a case-by-case basis), at which point Joe can activate it. Sometimes psychological inhibitions will work, as well, but not all that often. The basic idea is that almost every power should fit into the 36 PL framework, and if it doesn't, you're not going to be able to even have it as an option - after all, there are many situations where it'd be good to bring out the Big Guns (TM), but OOC consideration would render that impossible. We seek to minimize that.

TP powers are heavily scrutinized by admin for being even accepted, so don't expect to get one unless you've got a very good reason. Also remember that TP Powers DO NOT GURRANTEE ANYTHING. Unless the scene is prearranged somehow, the TP power doesn't neccessarily gurrantee you will win. Remember - many of these TP powers are artifacts of godly power that a bad guy once held, but now a good guy holds after they killed the bad guy. It sure didn't help the bad guy that much in the end, did it?

For rules and guidelines on how TP powers are actually used in TPs that are applied for please see 'news tp power use'.


First of all, TP Powers are NOT generic 'I win' buttons. We've had several request ones that were, and we've turned them down (don't you dare start pestering us about 'so-and-so's is one!', we're well aware of what's out there, I stand by what I said).

TP Powers should have a very specific effect upon activation, or be adjusted to fit. Also, many 'big effect' things will not always be TP powers. There are several criteria to being a TP power and not being considered worthy of an epic-level attack.

1) The user CANNOT be able to activate this power at will. Something BEYOND a mental block or diswant to use it must keep the power locked. If this is not the case, the Multiverse will nerf the power.

2) The power needs to have a specific effect, or at least be more specific than 'it can do anything'. We will not approve reality editing 'I win' buttons or TP powers that do anything.

3) We will also not approve a TP power that is more powerful then we would normally just because it is 'sealed to where it can never be used again,' generally. There may be exceptions to this, but we'll only allow these for actual canon FCs. This is the Multiverse, what is sealed could very well get released, there's more here then just your canon's capabilities.

Also, on activation, we will be EXTREMELY hesitant to allow a TP power to become active outside of a apped TP, usually Global or Major. TP powers are BIG things, we're not going to approve their use willy nilly. You're more then welcome to ICly pose TRYING to activate it, but it will fail, for whatever reason. Also, we're not going to let any one person activate their TP powers very frequently at all, so don't just app a slew of Major TP apps over the course of the month expecting TP power usage in each one. Please keep this in mind. TP Powers are something we put into effect for giving those with game breaking effects a way to keep them instead of just saying 'no that won't work here'. In truth, almost everything, from a popgun to a nuclear bomb, should fit into the 36-point system; this gives an out for extremely special things. We don't have to give people them, so we just simply ask people follow these guidelines so we don't have to crack down on them even harder. Thankyou.

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