The following will be guidelines for TPs. They are to be considered in general, as we can't possibly encompass all situations. Naturally if you have any questions, page a onduty TP admin.

First of all, what qualifies as a TP you can run solo without apping it or TP Admin assistance?

The Minor TP

1) The TP must leave no lasting severe changes to the world, physically or otherwise. Psychological ones are fine.

2) The TP must not significantly impact any city/object that you (or those who have given their consent) do not own. What qualifies as significant? Generally if something majorly newsworthy happens there or does major damage there is significant. Or if it affects numerous NPCs there.

3) No TP-only powers may be used.

4) A short timeframe (less then 2 weeks).

5) GENERALLY it should be limited involvement. Ege, 1 faction only (for the most part). This shouldn't be something that every player on the MUSH should be taking undue attention of.

6) Any TP monster/enemy should be one night scene only of actual combat, also it shouldn't be a PC.

7) No powers are changed in any way during the TP.

For TPs that meet those requirements there doesn't need to be an app nor contact with a TP admin. Such TPs tend to lend themselves to small groups anyhow. If you're unsure if it qualifies, talk to a TP admin.

Now, what do you do if you have a TP that doesn't classify as minor by the prior conditions?

The Major TP

1) You MUST submit a TP application (see 'news TP app'). Within it you can request TP Admin assistance.

2) You MUST wait for admin approval before beginning to even do any major hints at the TP. We may deny it.

3) You may have to wait a period of time before you may run the TP depending on OOC situation and other current major/global TPs.

4) Upon completion if you were working without a TP Admin's assistance you must notify the TP admin who processed your application of its completion.

There's also another even broader form of TP.

The Global TP

These TPs have the potential to affect almost EVERYONE on the MUSH and should be rare. You follow the same process for a Major TP submission however you MUST have TP Admin assistance, potentially multiple TP admin. We reserve the right to revoke these for any reason and potentially without notifying the applicant of a reason. These also may be held in waiting for months on end or pushed back. We may even deny the applicant the right to run the TP themselves, though this case will likely be rare and we will allow them the option of pulling the TP altogether. Also note, Metaplot stuff cannot be brought into play by the applicant's request on these (this includes Custodians, TRUE canon source material, etc).

Also, if you wish to suggest a TP (serious suggestions only please) be it Metaplot influencing or otherwise, use the same TP application form. We reserve the right to reject or use these without notification to the one who suggested the idea, as well as change any element we see fit. This is just a general suggestion, not a true application.

So you're ready to apply for a TP. What now, and what will happen after you do?

This is important information that can and will clear up a LOT of confusion as well as clarify a few frequently asked questions.

First you must actually create the TP application. Mind you, we don't need or want one for every last TP scene, use common sense as to what pushes the lines of normal use and follow the previous newsfiles' (news TP guide) information to help.

For the application itself, the classification's a grey area for most. This honestly isn't the most important thing ever. Use your best guess, we'll modify it for processing if we need to. Also we do NOT expect (and in most cases, nor do we want) every last event and detail of the TP to be set in stone. Flexibility is a good thing, its okay to be unsure of what might happen (some of those guys who play here are nucking futs), just try to give a overview of what will happen with the TP in general and various ways you can foresee it concluding. Again, things CAN change as IC progresses. If you're unsure about if this is okay, talk to a TP admin. We don't bite. Much. Usually.

Now you're probably wondering what happens once we admin types get it, right? The process is similar-esque to the charstaff for major characters stuff. Someone reviews it and is the primary handler. They then proceed to get it into what they consider a passable form and put it up to vote. From there, it either gets approved or gets sent back for revisions.

We will generally give most any TP a shot unless it really won't work on this MUSH any way we can feesably see or we believe it would anger the playerbase.


news TP Drama

news TP Power Use

Questions of course, can be directed to TP staff.

ALSO: Any Upgrade applications to accompany the TP (or TP char apps) should go to the TP box (address in 'news TP app') as well as the TP itself, or as a part of the TP application.

The TP application itself is available in 'news tp app'.

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