Continuity Edit

Continuity is something that most fans love to make certain exists in their series; after all, it doesn't make a lot of sense if Bob gets knifed in the face in one episode, and then suddenly appears spic-and-span in the next. Naturally this is a bit of an exaggeration, but we trust you know what we mean.

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is, that many series have continuity problems ranging from subtle to grotesque and pervasive. Further, some often have parts that simply do not make sense. Also, we have the problem of different time periods between parts of stories, and characters that have been killed. People may want to app for characters from different time periods or dead characters.

Unfortunately the best we can say is that one should attempt to fudge it as best as possible. Time and space are muddled enough to cause co-mingling without a need for a new subtheme. Kirk and Picard can mingle, and the bad guys they killed can have been miraculously saved at the last possible second by the Unification despite all appearances of being dead.

Healing Edit

It is important to note that all healing external to a character requires time and effort to apply. There is no functioning instantaneous cure-all. Though one can stabilize a patient very quickly, a cure spell won't instantaneously return someone from the brink of death to fighting condition; nor will a dunk in a regeneration chamber from a society sophisticated enough where technology is supposedly indistinguishable from magic. Sentient beings skilled in these abilities can usually help speed along almost any recovery or repair effort to another injured sentient being. This is because, OOCly, instantaneous heal-all scenarios make the entire class of healing characters obsolete.

It should also be noted that there are different kinds of healing. Typically the 'generic' healing, such as healing spells, will work on most lifeforms (i.e. robots AND humans), but will work better on whatever they're targeted at. For instance, if it's meant to help a human, it will help a human more. More specific types of healing, such as mechanical repairs, might not help other types at all, i.e. a mechanic would be able to repair a robot but couldn't help a human at all. It is not at all unlikely that many medics do not have much in the way of generic skills (after all, I don't see many physicians in real life that double as mechanics), but some might. Please keep this in mind.

Atmosphere Edit

At a lot of MUSHes there is a predetermined atmosphere - some are dark, some are silly, some are in between. At this MUSH, we'd like to think that we come to a relative balance between silly and serious. It isn't truly dark, although we certainly have dark elements and dark characters. We have our silly moments, but they don't dominate the MUSH. Though NPC killing does happen and occasionally you may see a massacre, this is usually done for a good reason, and slaughters are relatively rare. In short - this is not kawaii-kawaii superhappy kawaii ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ MUSH, but neither is it dark, grim, angstrific stepping-in-a-pile-of-corpses, either.

Founders Edit

In short, Founders are the psionics from the original Earth from which the entire Unification started. They can, to a limited extent, sense Aura. They are all OCs and not terribly powerful, but still considered important due to their position in the scheme of things. More information coming soon.

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