This newsfile's to detail the IC and OOC situation for mercenaries in Multiverse Crisis MUSH as well as some suggestions for making them work.


ICly both factions are supergiantic megapowers with armies beyond any Earthern scale. In general, mercenaries just aren't needed as often except for at the PCs scale. Even then the factions would normally like to either use their own people or longterm contracts above their want for single hire wonders.


This... isn't a easy type of character to play unless you're apping with a long term contract with a factional rank of M (see 'news ranks5'). Sometimes you'll get hired for single shot missions, but largely the factions will ignore you in favor of their own people, the Union especially. We don't suggest apping a mercenary as your first character.


These will vary a bit in the exact details between each one made. Usually they'll be a 'you only work for us' contract with larger payments or a regularly salary on top of mission bonuses or some such perks. In this you'll be more or less a dilluted member of the faction 'ranking' below even Allies and Cadets. Still this leaves more freedom for doing your own thing and maybe some unaffiliated missions with no factional involvement. Nevertheless, note that if you violate your long-term contract you may be kicked out, and if you violate it to the extent that you betray the faction you're employing, you might lose condeath, and it's a fair bet that it'll be collected on - both the Union AND the Confederacy will want to make an example of mercs operating in bad faith.


As stated the mercenary's a hard character to run being nonfactional yet somewhat dependent on them. Long term contracts are reccomended or a similar agreement. However, if that's completely undoable... Talk to the Faction leadership (rank 6+) ICly and OOCly sporaddicaly. Try to get them to decide to hire you for missions more often. Don't just wait and expect the factions to get into a bidwar for your help out of the blue. If you want missions it'll take some effort on your part to get them and likely you'll have to pick a faction to concentrate on since when you shoot someone in battle they won't be as prone to call you to their side the next one.

We know Mercenaries can be a popular character idea to run, but in a large RP environment like this their role's fairly dilluted. There's some purpose, but it isn't good for regular RP. So, start with a factional character or go for a longterm contract first. You can do a true unaffiliated merc if you want, but know you'll likely be hurting your RP chances and ability to get involved.

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