Welcome to Multiverse Crisis MUSH.
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Welcome to Multiverse Crisis MUSH.

A game where not everything where it seems, and characters from anywhere and everywhere come to play, it is a place where not everything is what it seems.

From dragon characters to digital avatars, to mages and living dolls, there are characters here enough to stimulate any roleplayer's mind.

To come play, check us out at port 5001 Or look at our other website,

Connecting to Multiverse Crisis MUSH: port 5001 OR port 5001. If you've connected properly, you should be able to see this:

                  Multiverse Crisis MUSH
   Anime * Video Games * Movies * Books * Sci-Fi * More
       Multitheme MUSHing that tries to make sense.
    Character creation is by invitation or application.

Telnet: * Web:


'connect guest guest' - connect as a guest. 'connect <name> <password>' - connect to an existing character. 'ch <name> <password>' - connect hidden (admin only).


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