A common question as to just what to pick up in terms of a character. Here are some pointers.

  • If this is your first time to the MUSH, we suggest that you pick up an FC in an existing cast. This should help you to get 'up to speed' with the rest of the MUSH.

  • The characters that are typically best suited to this MUSH are often "self-contained"; that is to say, they don't HAVE to have the presence of others from their series. Further, they would tend to be able to adapt to a situation considerably different from canon.

  • The best sources for characters are usually anime, manga, video games and comic books. This is followed closely by science fiction and fantasy-type characters. It is very difficult to pick up someone from a television drama or even more 'odd' source and fit in here, after all.

  • Although we allow and encourage OCs, strong OCs are usually best attempted after you've had some experience with the MUSH.

  • More exotic things, such as creating your own subtheme, or creating a radically different version of a character from canon, are best attempted after you've had some experience with the MUSH.

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