Q) What's a super-nation? Edit

A) A super-nation is our generic term for super-large nations composed of several nations, i.e. the Union and Confederacy. Super-nations generally have utterly vast amounts of land (often comprising tens of thousands of worlds and smaller countries). For the most part nations or sub-nations within the super-nations retain most of their original systems of law and order so long as they're generally alligned with the super-nation's goals and ideals - however, there are always some differences, such as unified currency and the like.

Q) What is the Union? Edit

A) The Union is generically the "good guy" faction. They generally stand for democracy, freedom, etc. They are, however, not like most MU*'s good guy factions - they are willing to do what it takes to win. They are willing to have bad guys assassinated, blow up cities and whatnot. That said they will almost always do everything reasonably possible to keep innocent people, even those from the Confederacy, relatively safe and out of their conflict.

Q) What is the Confederacy? Edit

A) The Confederacy is generically the "bad guy" faction. They stand for a variety of things, but for the most part they are united to try to destroy the Union. Confederate moral compasses vary wildly, mostly varying between neutral to amoral to true evil. In general they are willing to promote terrorism, attack civilians, conquer territory, etc. However, they also try to do much of this covertly in order to help the court of public opinion.

Q) What are Cirrus City and Marine City? Edit

A) These cities were formed many years ago as a sort of neutral conglomerate. They stay out of the war. There are limited hot pursuit pacts with the Union and Confederacy, but applying for asylum, even via radio, will sometimes get you out of hot water. The Union and Confederacy could crush them, but it would be a very costly victory as Cirrus and Marine are very powerful relatively speaking.

Q) What are civilians? Edit

A) Civilians are those who are in a particular supernation but aren't actually in the military. They have a faction tag of Unaffiliated but a rank tag of either U or C, depending on if they're in the Union or Confederacy, respectively. Although they ICly have the rights of a citizen of that nation and will be protected as such, they also do not have access to most military assets, i.e. bases, radio channels, secrets, etc. Please see the section on discouraging new players starting with unaffiliated characters.

Q) What are unaffiliated people? Edit

A) Damn near everything. The "Faction" tag only counts for the military you're alligned with. Unaffiliated people include Union and Confederate civilians with the U and C tags for rank, respectively. However, those with an X rank depend on their IC situation; they may rule their own country, they may be entirely unalligned with any country, or anything else.

Q) Why do the staff so strongly discourage a new player starting with an unaffiliated character? Edit

A) The focus of the MU*'s RP efforts are on the factions. These are in existance to cause people to come together, which in many multitheme settings they do not if left to their own devices. Unaffiliated characters as a result often have very difficult times with getting RP or getting involved in things. They require a large amount of proactiveness and often knowing people already.

Q) What are allies? Edit

A) Allies are generally people who are closely allied with the factional military but are NOT in the traditional ranking structure. Though ICly they are rare, OOCly among the player characters they are quite common. Although allies are not part of the ranked structure that does not mean they have no obligations. In general allies have to obey officers in combat and on operations. They can be court-martialed, imprisoned, fired and even executed for gross misconduct. However, they also get a lot more freedom in terms of things such as accepting missions. However, allies MUST contribute in some meaningful way. Allies also get access to factional resources and a paycheck. Often more trusted/senior allies get more pull (some even take command on a fairly regular basis), but this is not always the case. USUALLY people who are not "traditionally" in the military, i.e. teenage heros, are allies.

Q) What are Wraiths? Edit

A) Confederate-only folks that aren't quite allies but are non-aggressively aligned with the Confederacy. They have minimal access to resources.

Q) What's a fachead?Edit

A) A factional head, the rank of Field Marshal (10 on the scale) is the highest general-purpose officer there is. They are responsible for the general conduct of the entire military as well as some various policy implementation details. They're also responsible for OOC factors in terms of helping to run their factions. Facheads also get access to a special high-powered "armor mode", which they can take out on special occasions that make them exceptionally powerful.

Q) Why are there rank 11's if there's a rank 10? Edit

A) Rank 11's are essentially the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the various factions. They are old facheads, for the most part. Although they still have a great deal of sway and authority, the fachead is ultimately responsible for the faction, and usually has as much authority as the rank 11's - and in some cases may have more authority than the rank 11's. Often, ICly the rank 11's take care of more administrative aspects, i.e. meeting with the head-of-state and whatnot.

Q) What do I have to do for my faction?Edit

A) This varies depending on who you are, what rank you are, etc. In general, the bottom line is CONTRIBUTE. Help out. If you're not a fighter, provide healing RP after fights. If you are a fighter, help fight! If you're a lab genius, try to put together neat and interesting inventions. If you're a ranker, lead. Although we're not super-tight on this, if you're constantly slacking you may get a talking to. If you're REALLY bad and acting as a detrimental influence you may get thrown out.

Q) What's up with leaving or resigning from the faction? What's up with defection? Edit

A) There's a few different things that have to do with leaving or resigning from your faction. Technically you can lose consent-based death by leaving your faction, though this is very very rare. Usually an honorable discharge will NOT result in losing consent-based death.

When you resign from a faction, you become an unaffil with a Union or Confederate citizenship as appropriate, unless otherwise requested in which case you have no citizenship whatsoever in terms of MUSH-wide factions. This is not a good thing, but it's your choice.

Defection is a much more sticky widget. This means you're either immediately going from one faction to the other or after a time going to the faction opposing the one you originated at. Either one requires admin approval and can lead to loss of consent-based death. Going immediately from one faction to another is very likely to result in this. It can also cause OOC animosity.

Note that the admin can deny a defection for ANY REASON THEY SEE FIT, as well as a resignation. However, resignations are usually given a pass. Also note that unaffiliates have a much harder time with RP at times than characters in the factions; remember, you lose ALL access to HQ, any factional equipment, medical help, resources, etc. etc. If you surrender your citizenship you may be losing everything; depending on the circumstances you might even lose property your character owns.

There is one major exception to the defection problem - if you know that this may or probably will happen, mention it in your app with as much detail as to why. Sometimes we let FCs who have done so in canon do this with relatively little hassle, but if you mention that you were planning this on the character from the start we're a lot more willing to work with you.

Q) Where's the list of powers you can have? Edit

A) You write them yourself. With a place with so many different themes, subthemes and all sorts of permutations there's no way we can come up with anything even remotely resembling an adequate listing of powers and abilities. Further, writing your own powers allows them to be tailored to your specific needs as well as incorporating any MUSH-specific requirements.

Q) What kinds of powers are and aren't allowed? Edit

A) Long story short - it depends. Different kinds of powers have different restrictions, usually depending on how much of an impact they'd have on the MUSH and other players. We usually encourage "simple" damage, for instance, in combat - beating the other guy up, not destroying their minds to turn them into a gibbering retarded wreck. While we sometimes allow powers more of the latter type, remember player characters are a lot stronger than no-name bystanders and can usually repel such powers.

Q) What are some particularly thorny powers? Edit

A) Mind control is a biggy - basically anything mind-control related has to be consent-based OOCly, and ICly possible to fend off via sheer willpower. Another one is anything really crippling, i.e. full-body paralysis or sleep spells - usually these need to be possible to fend off as well. Anything truly god-like, worded convolutely or not, usually ends up rejected as well, and truly massively destructive powers are often not good. That said, many times "lesser" versions of these are alright; usually the balancing effect dilutes these to some extent. Soul-related powers are another biggie. Read 'news spiritual' before you even think about anything like this. In general, look at 'news powers' - there's no way we can give a hard and fast answer to this.

It should be noted that time travel itself is virtually impossible to get due to the sheer disruptiveness and twinkiness of such a power making it impractical. Most time travelers get extremely good teleportation powers as a "consolation prize", which can get them between various worlds in various time periods in the Multiverse.

Q) How should I write my powers? Edit

A) This format:

POWER NAME - Short, concise description of the power, including general ideas and weaknesses.

Things to AVOID include long lists of spells, overly flowery language, unneeded data or length, anything that's not concise. We want you to drill down to the point. It's also best to avoid multiple paragraphs - each power should be it's own short, single paragraph, though sometimes multiple paragraphs are appropriate.

Q) How does magic versus technology compare here? Edit

A) Magic, tech, psi, etc. are roughly equal. Don't expect having magic (or anything else) to be an instant gurrantee of a win - it isn't, not by a longshot.

Q) Theme X's powers are better than Theme Y's! What's going on? Edit

A) This depends on a variety of factors. The admin do not say that every theme's world is absolutely positively equal, and some are just more powerful than others. On the other hand, maybe a character was simply evaluated in a different way for whatever reason (sometimes people apply for less power than they could get away with on a particular character).

Q) What's a TP Power? Edit

A) A TP power is a power that's ridiculously strong and usually falls outside the regular power level system. A TP power must have a factor that is out of your character's direct control; that they "just won't use it" is NOT ENOUGH, as that would be crippled by the balancing system.

Q) What's Aura Flare? Edit

A) Aura Flare is having a "base" power level that's lower than your coded power level. On occasion (you should NOT be using this in more than a third of your battles and probably less) you can use this to power up to be stronger. For instance, you have a character with a "base" power level of 32 and a "aura flare" to 34, as mentioned in your +powers. The "base" power level should be what you're at most of the time, but the code will let you go up to 34, and you can on occasion.

Q) What's a Power Level? Edit

A) A Power Level is a numerical level of how effective one is, most notably in combat (see - news power levels). This is NOT AN EVALUATION OF HOW DESTRUCTIVE SOMEONE IS - we have characters with 300 foot tall mecha that are outclassed by standard-sized (albiet extremely skilled) humans. This often BUT NOT ALWAYS coincides with someone's prominence/importance is in a series, i.e. Link and Ganon from Zelda would have a relatively high PL, whereas a random Moblin or Octorok would have a very low PL (though it might be possible to get a more powerful one as a 'chief' Moblin or whatnot). The recommended scales for what should get what are in that news file. It should be noted that most people are in the 30+ range. PLs are doled out to specific stats in coded combat, and act as a general effectiveness stat otherwise.

Q) What is character staff? Edit

A) Character staff handles character applications and upgrades. See board 12 on the MUSH to see what charstaff actually does.

Q) What's TP staff? Edit

A) TP staff are those that handle running and approving major TPs.

Q) What's gripe staff? Edit

A) Gripe staff are those who handle complaints and problems, and usually pull people aside to talk to them if the need arises, as well as doling out punishments.

Q) What's a news file? Edit

A) A news file (which is an archaic term from ages long gone by) is a file which contains basic important information about the MUSH or MUSH rules. Type 'news' to see the index, and follow the instructions to see more. These are very important to read.

Q) What's a TP? Edit

A) A TP is a TinyPlot, which is basically a story arc. TinyPlots can be small or huge, and have all sorts of story subject matter.

Q) What's TS? Edit

A) TS is an abreviation for TinySex. TinySex is essentially RPing sexual encounters on the MUSH. TS is not allowed on Multiverse Crisis MUSH; if you want that, it can be had at other MUSHes.

Q) What's a Game Master? Edit

A) A Game Master is an applied-to position to work under TP staff. They are given a large degree of freedom in terms of running their own TPs, but they are also expected to do it regularly.

Q) What's a royalty or roybit? Edit

A) A royalty is a rank of administrator. These are lesser-ranked admin.

Q) What's a wizard or wizbit? Edit

A) A wizard is a rank of administrator. These are higher ranked admin.

Q) What's the MUSH god? Edit

A) A special wizard controlled by the MUSH director which has special access privledges that no other character has.

Q) What's a concept rejection? Edit

A) This is when the charstaff assesses that a character idea will not work without a complete overhaul. It may still be possible to apply for the character but the revisions will likely need to be extreme to even try again. In many cases for most practical purposes the character can't be salvaged. We try to avoid this, but sometimes we need to do this.

Q) What's firing? Edit

A) Being removed from a character or from the MUSH entirely, depending on the situation.

Q) What's sitebanning? Edit

A) Preventing you from connecting from a site ever again. People who circumvent sitebans are usually re-sitebanned in short order.

Q) What's the Volatile Wastes? Edit

A) A very dangerous place where reality essentially farted. ICly going there is tempting being torn to bits for almost any character. It's not a good idea to go there unless it's for a TP.

Q) What's the Center of the Multiverse? Edit

A) The place where the entire Multiverse started, located at the center of the Volatile Wastes. If it isn't a TP, you have no chance of getting there whatsoever.

Q) What's New Washington? Edit

A) The capital of the Union. It's a super-city that takes up most of the Eastern Seaboard of one iteration of North America.

Q) What's New Pyongyang? Edit

A) The capital of the Confederacy. It's a super-city that takes up the entire Korean peninsula of one iteration of Asia.

Q) What's the Void? Edit

A) The Void is a massive space-like construct which fills the entire superplanet of the Multiverse. Essentially it's the same as space, except unprotected people can survive in most parts, at least for a limited time, and it's possible to breathe in most areas.

Q) What's Fiddler's Green? Edit

A) Fiddler's Green is a neutral area/resort with enforced non-combat protection systems. One can go there without fear of being attacked. Those who attempt violence will be ejected to a safe place outside the area.

Q) What are the Lost Islands? Edit

A) A neutral area with enforced non-combat protection systems. Unlike Fiddler's Green, it's not really a resort area, more a place with abandoned ruins as well as some civilization. It's possible to settle there. Those who attempt violence will find the violence simply doesn't work as intended. There are some monsters and the like there, though the non-combat systems will not prevent self-defense from these.

Q) How do I get a general idea of how the grid is laid out? Edit

A) 'news map' - beware, it's somewhat out of date.

Q) What's a warp gate? Edit

A) See the Definitions section of the FAQ, but basically a warp gate is a mini-Stargate-type system which is used to get between places quickly.

Q) How does one use warp gates? Edit

A) Well, as an EXAMPLE (this path might not ICly exist), to get from X Street in New Washington to B Street in Cirrus City, you might walk to Y street, take the warp gate to Philidelphia-2605, walk two blocks south, take the warp gate to the other side of Philidelphia, take a warp gate to New Jersey-2462, head to an adjacent warp gate, end up on C Street in Cirrus City, and walk the rest of the way. These paths are usually made up on the fly OOCly for whatever is convenient or needed for the IC situation. The paths can be very convoluted, which allows for things to happen such as not being able to get to a particular room one time (when, for instance, there are already too many players involved in the RP there) yet not at others.

Q) Why use any other kind of transportation if warp gates can be used? Edit

A) Warp gates are very limited in some places and don't get you everywhere you want to go instantly. Further, warp gates are very inefficient and slow at moving non-living matter as it can't determine its own destination so, for instance, if you're driving a truck through, the truck driver has to determine it - not very efficient. That said, mecha pilots and the like are often able to use warp gates well - however, they're using machines they're comfortable with and frequently use. They are not attempting to transport 200 tons of kiwi fruit, which would have a much poorer outcome. Finally you can't get EVERYWHERE with warp gates - there might be planets in the Void that you can only get to via starship, for instance. There aren't many heavily inhabited planets like this, but they do exist.

Q) Can warp gates be closed? Edit

A) Artificial warpgates can be closed, and often are for security purposes. Natural warp gates cannot be closed and are usually heavily guarded. There are a lot fewer natural warp gates than artificial warp gates, but most of the time at least one natural warp gate appears for every large settlement in a Unified world.

Q) What's used for money in the Multiverse? Edit

A) There's a massive number of currencies. The most standard are the Union and Confederate credits. These are of course argued to be superior by each respective country, but in the marketplace outside of the Union and Confederacy they're generally considered equivalent, and only rarely are substantially different in value. In terms of prices, one can consider them similar to US or possibly Canadian dollars.

Q) What's the exchange rate in general for money? Edit

A) You can assume, in terms of credits, roughly one to one ratio for most types of currency; however, this is if they're roughly equivalent to US/Canadian dollars. If you're in a world where you pay 20,000 units of currency for a glass of milk, you're going to get 2 or 3 credits, not 20,000.

Q) What's the time system the Multiverse uses? Edit

A) The AU time system. See the timeline (next question) for more information on this system.

Q) Where's the timeline for the MUSH? Edit

A) Due to some OOC screw-ups we haven't yet got the official timeline up on the MUSH's news files. However, it is mentioned on the boards, and the URL is

Q) Where can I see diagrams for how the world is laid out? Edit

A) and

Note that these are not official, even though they're produced by the admin - we may have to add/subtract things from them.

Q) Time is screwed up on MCM; can you explain it? Edit

A) Short version - most people don't age noticably after reaching maturity, and most teenagers only age very very slowly. Long version - see the Physics section of this FAQ.

Q) Why are so many things undefined in terms of theme? Edit

A) Because MCM has so many possibilities and is so vast in possible IC scope, the admin can't come up with good answers for everything that happens, or even answers at all. We've tried to concentrate on the important things that come up frequently and generally rule on things that need other attention when they become important.

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