Q) What's a MUSH? Edit

A) A text-based online role-playing environment, which is a descendant of old-style MUDs. MUSHes, such as Multiverse Crisis MUSH, tend to encourage in-depth roleplay, along the lines of writing.

Q) What's Multiverse Crisis MUSH? Edit

A) A MUSH that's been put together in hopes of allowing many types of character concepts to co-mingle in a cohesive environment. Most MUSHes either have very little in terms of environment or have a very narrow type of character that can be allowed (i.e. a Transformers MUSH only allows Transformers and humans).

Q) What's the story behind Multiverse Crisis MUSH? Edit

A) Very long story short, a group of beings called the Custodians started essentially pulling people and their worlds into something called the Multiverse. The Multiverse is a large area with a space-like environment as well as a huge landmass in which differnent worlds end up in one way or another (i.e. put on the landmass or stuck in the space environment, called the Void).

Q) Why would I want to go to Multiverse Crisis? Edit

A) You would likely want to join because you enjoy writing or roleplaying, and would be interested in seeing how different stories and character types can interact, especially once the environment has been tailored specifically for this purpose.

Q) What do I have to do to join? Edit

A) First, you have to connect to the MUSH and read the "news files" to get a general idea (see the 'mushbasic' part of the BASIC MUSH OPERATION part of this FAQ). Then you have to write an application for a character, which is available on the website, and send it in. If and when you're accepted, you're in.

Q) How should I fill out an application? Edit

A) There are examples on the web site. Note that these are our BEST - we're NOT expecting you to necessarily come up with something this good! Usually the stronger the character, the better the app (though there are other factors too, such as how much we trust the player). However, we thought it best, instead of showing apps that barely passed, show some of our best. Note that several of these use an older version of our app form, but the general idea is the same.

Q) How do I connect to the MUSH itself? Edit

A) Telnet to port 5001. To connect as a guest, type 'connect guest guest'.

Q) How do I access the website? Edit

A) Point your browser to It should work with IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Dillo, and Links.

Q) What's the rating on MCM? Edit

A) PG-13 to R, depending on the exact situation.

Q) What's the minimum age for players? Edit

A) 16. Younger can be allowed if the administration approve (and usually invite them) and the parents don't object, but this is very rare.

Q) What's a theme? Edit

A) A theme is basically a storyline or other cohesive world or something along those lines. For example, Transformers would be a theme, as would the DC Universe, or Lord of the Rings, etc.

Q) What's a subtheme? Edit

A) A permutation on a theme. Many themes have canonical variants; for instance there are several iterations of the Transformers and Superman mythos. Subthemes can also be non-canonical variants on an existing theme.

Q) What's a cast?Edit

A) The characters from a specific theme or subtheme.

Q) What's your policy on canon? Edit

A) First, canon is what's published or used as 'source material'. Now, as for using canon, basically our policy is - use it unless you have a good alternative. People have written entirely non-canon variants of themes which are very good which can change basic settings, physics, etc. or could be minor changes, i.e. what would have happened if Character X got hit with a steam roller instead of going on to try to take over the world. However, canonical variants by and large must be done well and have thought put into them to be accepted.

Q) Are original characters (OCs) allowed? Edit

A) Yes, though you may have a harder time getting a powerful character; it's too easy to simply say your character is the most powerful in that particular world. OCs also require one to be more proactive in terms of seeking RP, at least at first. That said, it can be done and has been done successfully many times.

Q) Are original themes allowed? Edit

A) Yes. However, by submitting that theme you're saying it's OK to keep using that theme on the MUSH - even if you don't want us to - at least so long as there are characters from that theme. This is because it's not fair if other people apply for characters within that theme and you decide to throw a fit and want us to tear it down. If you don't like this, just put 'original' for your theme listing and realize you probably won't get anyone else from your character's world applying.

Q) What are bboards?Edit

A) Bboards are part of the bulletin board system which is used for MUSH communications, both in character and out of character. You are expected to at least read the boards - Announcements (important admin announcements), Important Information (important OOC addendums to the news files) and Rulings (important IC addendums to the news files and clarifications for specific situations). You are also strongly advised to read your faction's bboards as well, as you may be held responsible for them.

Q) Who do I report a problem with this FAQ to? Edit

A) Send e-mail to with the subject 'FAQ Problem', describing what the problem is and where it is. Please include as much detail as you can. This FAQ is generated by partially automated means so there may be flaws we don't know about especially as it grows.

Q) I have a question I think should be put on the FAQ. What do I do?Edit

A) Your best bet is to send e-mail to with the subject 'FAQ Suggestion' or 'FAQ Question'. Please include as much detail as you can.

Q) What should I do to become a member of MCM and get a character? Edit


1. Telnet on to the MUSH at telnet:// It is recommended you use a MUSH client. Log on as a guest and get a feel for the place.

2. Read the FAQ and the news files marked mandatory.

3. Decide on the character you want. This can be accomplished via asking for ideas, consulting the Recruitment board on the MUSH-wide BBS (see the MUSH Operation section of the FAQ), asking on Guest channel, and using the +cast and +themelist commands to get an idea of what's out there already.

4. Write your app using the guidelines in 'news application'. The application for new characters is We also have sample applications on the website. We do NOT expect your first app to be as good as these - we decided to show some of our best instead of those that may have barely passed.

5. Submit the app, and be patient. It sometimes takes us a while to get to things. See the FAQ section on applications for more information on this aspect.

Q) What's consent-based roleplay? Edit

A) Consent-based roleplay is the system that we base our MUSH on. In short - if you don't want to roleplay it, you don't have to. HOWEVER, this does not shield you from consequences - if you roleplay robbing a bank, you can't refuse to roleplay going to jail for it, for instance. This principle is often abreviated ICA->ICC, or In-Character Actions lead to In-Character Consequences.

Q) What's consent-based death?Edit

A) This is one of the major exceptions to ICA->ICC. Unless you do something extremely stupid, and usually have a history of doing such, and an admin clears it, your character can't be forced to die. However, as ICA->ICC, you can still get hurt really really badly, and in some cases get dragged off to rot in someone's jail for a while. While we won't destroy your character, you will be suffering if you do something suffering-worthy

Q) What actions get consent-based death revoked?Edit

A) EXTREME and repeated stupidity. Extreme and repeated violation of orders or policy (i.e. being in the Union and walking up to an orphanage and executing everyone inside will probably get you a trip to the gallows right quick). Defection between the Union and Confederacy (both sides execute traitors), though simply leaving the faction won't lose condeath in most cases. Getting thrown out of your faction may also lose you condeath. In general, it's very hard to lose condeath if you have some common sense - at the time of this writing we may have done it once or twice out of two years of operation and probably around 200 players.

Q) What's consent-based capture? Edit

A) Consent-based capture is similar to consent-based death - you can't be captured if you don't want to. In fact, you usually NEED SPECIAL PERMISSION to get captured - see board 12 and the news files for details. This is because capture RP, unless it's planned and usually has a planned ending, tends to be a long and drawn-out affair that's can be boring, tense, and angsty for many of those involved.

Q) What actions get consent-based capture revoked? Edit

A) Typically the same things as consent-based death; however, this is a lesser punishment and is easier to get. That said, it still doesn't happen very often at all.

Q) What's the best way to get RP? Edit

A) There's a lot of ways to get RP. Some of them include...

  • Use the RP channel.

  • Use the RP Requests board.

  • Poke around on your faction's OOC channel.

  • Read '+help +status' and '+help rprequest' to use these commands to get attention.

  • Walk around on the grid and poke people to ask if they feel like doing something.

It also helps if you apply into a faction (unaffiliated characters for new players have a particularly hard time - the factions are designed to support RP). Often applying into the characters in an active cast is a great way for new players to establish themselves.

Q) There doesn't seem to be any RP going on! What do I do? Edit

A) There's a few things. Try starting some yourself - big or small. Sometimes things vary a LOT in terms of activity. This is especially true very early in the morning American time (especially after 12 AM Pacific) - it's difficult to get much action at these hours. Sometimes it's best to just try later. Sometimes you might also want to change your tone - sometimes people will think you're DEMANDING RP, which is almost always a turnoff, as opposed to simply asking for it.

Q) What's twinking? Edit

A) Twinking is also known as powergaming, metagaming, etc. It's a fairly broadly defined term, but in general it means either to oversell yourself and your powers, abuse your powers, or attempt to force control over a situation on someone else. This is a fairly broadly defined topic, and what one might consider twinking might not be. However, extreme examples are generally agreed upon by most people to in fact be twinking, and if you're that bad you can probably expect to get in trouble. You can also expect to get in trouble if you attempt to test how far you can push the admin on this and stay just on the side of the rules where you're technically in compliance - the spirit counts, too, and admin will probably intervene - possibly with very severe reprimands (including in extreme cases firing from the character or the MUSH outright) - if you do this chronically. That said we try to resolve twinking with negotiation when necessary and possible.

Q) What's an application? Edit

A) Much like in regular life, an application is a form you fill out to get something. Most of the time for MCM it's a character application to get a character, but there are other forms, such as TP forms and upgrade forms.

Q) What's the difference between the long app and the short app? Edit

A) The long app is mostly for new players. The short app is for players with an existing character. Sometimes returning players with no current characters are allowed to use the short app. There are a few circumstances where we may ask you to use the long app, but this is very rare (outside of fachead apps it's probably been done once in the MUSH's history). The questions in the short application are also in the long application, so if we ask you to use the long app you won't be wasting all your old effort, though you might need to add to it.

Q) How long does an app usually take? Edit

A) Between 1 and 7 days. After 7 days, you can poke an admin about it.

Q) Why does it take so long? Edit

A) Like most MUSH-related delays admin have real life and other things to worry about as well. Also, characters sometimes require research, some apps are just plain harder to work with, etc.

Q) How are apps handled in terms of selection, who gets what, etc?Edit

A) First of all, it should be noted that apps do NOT have a queue, and never will, for a variety of reasons. Some of these include that some apps are just simpler than others, some have admin who are familiar with the theme, some are for whatever reason particularly hard to write a helpful rejection for, some require voting among the admin (especially powerful characters), etc. As for how they're handled, typically for between 1 and 4-5 days they're allowed to sit and wait for someone who's got the time or knowledge to actually process the particular app. After this point an app is usually just assigned or charstaff as a whole is prodded into moving on it. In other words, it's picked up at the discression of charstaff.

Q) What's the "cool down" period on apps? Edit

A) Three weeks. It used to be two weeks and may return to that at some point. The 'cool down' period means that after an app is successfully submitted you can't send another one for this period. This is because some people in the past have tried to get us scrambling around on multiple apps at once, or several apps one after another, or constantly dropping a character and apping another. All of these are taxing on charstaff's limited resources and time, and as such are not considered a good thing.

Q) Are all these numbers absolute?Edit

A) No. They vary depending on just what's going on. On occasions we've moved up the app response time to 10 days and the cooldown period to 3 weeks (it was normally 2 weeks during that period); this was when we were both low on manpower, the admin we had were sick, and the box was stuffed full.

Q) What's an alt? Edit

A) An alt is an alternate character, an additional character you control in addition to any other characters. These characters can be just about any type of character you want, although you have to be careful not to let them interact too much.

Q) What's alt interaction? Edit

A) Alt interaction is when two alts by the same person interact with each other in RP. This is not allowed on many MU*'s, but on MCM it is allowed within reason. You have to be careful not to do things like inappropriately help another alt. For instance, bringing in your alt for reinforcements in MOST cases would be considered unfair alt interaction, although there are exceptions. In general - ask before doing. As a further note, 'just knowing' what another alt knows is VERY BAD and considered twinking (i.e. your alt Jim was told that there's an attack on Big Base #9, and suddenly Joe who works at Big Base #9 knows it - uh-uh, no way).

Q) What's the maximum number of characters I can app? Edit

A) Theoretically, with admin permission, as many as the database will hold. Practically speaking, six per person without additional permission. If you're playing your current alts and the admin allow it, you can get further alts, though you need to ask permission for each additional alt. Most of the time it's fairly easy to get this permission, though the more you get the more active we'll expect you to be. We have recently instituted a 2:1 ratio rule - for every two Union characters you have, the third character needs to be a Confederate. This is because of a distinct lack of bad guys we've experienced in the past. Note that this does not apply to people who had characters before the ratio (though if they are not in compliance with the ratio the next time they app a character they may have to drop characters to become in compliance with it) and written requests may be considered to allow you a special exemption from this rule.

Q) What's a quick listing of these numbers? Edit


Maximum number of alts - 6 without special permission

Ratio of Union to Confed alts (max) - 2:1 without special permission

Cool down - 3 weeks

Typical response time - 1-7 days

Bug-admin-OK time - 8+ days

Times may vary depending on the situation.

Q) I want to apply for something that's really weird. What do I do? Edit

A) This depends on a lot of factors. First off, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO BE APPLYING FOR. If it's something others wouldn't have a lot of fun around, or worse yet is actively disruptive to others' fun, odds are you won't get it. Remember - just because it's a featured character from a canon theme doesn't mean that we'll let it in. Also, pay special attention to how powerful it is - if it's ridiculously so, it's probably going to get squashed. Second, make sure you do everything with it with as much attention to detail and care as is reasonably possible, so as to fully flesh it out. Third, if you're really worried, check on the E-Character channel, or even page a charstaffer to see what they think of it. That said, we're able to have very strange ideas here, and if you can do it well in a way that benefits the MUSH overall we may be willing to entertain the idea, at least so long as it isn't already totally banned (see 'news banned'). It's also advised that you've been on the MUSH for a while.

Q) I want to apply for a really strange THEME (i.e. Care Bears, Sponge Bob, etc.). What do I do? Edit

A) First off - you've got an uphill battle ahead of you. If you want to try anyway, it's advised you've been on the MUSH for a while to know what we're looking for. In general what you'll need to do is do a lot of rewriting, tweaking, and otherwise 'aging up' or making it more serious. Generally the more coherent and self-consistant the theme is the better and more likely it is to pass muster. For instance - most Adult Swim shows will be almost impossible to get passed. On the other hand, "kiddie" themes might - IF you put enough thought and effort into it. Some of them have been our most successful themes. For an idea of what we might be looking for, compare Bleedman's rendition of the Powerpuff Girls ( and other Cartoon Network shows to the "real thing", or even the original Transformers cartoon to the Transformers movie from July 2007.

Q) Can there be multiple versions of a character or theme about? Edit

A) Yes. However, the more of someone there is, the tougher it gets. We also are less likely to approve a version that's identical or nearly identical to another version.

Q) Any advice for new players apping their first character? Edit

A) App into a faction (Union or Confederate). Try for a medium-powered FC (though "big name" FCs are OK, too, and might even be a good idea). Often joining an existing cast is a good idea, as well. Often if your character is well-known, it will help. Go into as much detail as you can in the application, but don't worry too much about making it a novel or anything. Also, try to avoid characters that are too tightly tied to other characters.

Q) What's charsquatting? Edit

A) Sitting on an FC and never using it, i.e. logging on one a month to chatter and never RPing.

Q) Someone is charsquatting on my FC favorite character/my character's girlfriend/my character's arch-nemesis. What do I do? Edit

A) Contact charstaff, possibly via +feedback, but it's better if you do it in person. Tell us what's going on, how long it's been, and that you would like them to start moving again, or that if you're interested in apping the character. If the problem is severe enough they will be warned by charstaff, and if they won't fix it they can be removed. Note that in MANY CASES there are ways around this, i.e. using alternate subthemes, and in these cases an alternate solution may be used, i.e. if you want character X which is being charsquatted on, we may end up advising you to app character X from one of these themes instead.

Q) How long do you take before you automatically destroy a character? Edit

A) We have no automated process. In general we'll leave OCs alone for quite a while, but if after three months there are no logins we'll usually wipe them. FCs vary quite a bit (see above), but often they end up treated similarly to regular OCs.

Q) I need to go on vacation because I'm going to Acapulco/I need a liver transplant/I'm being deported. What do I do?Edit

A) Post on the vacation board, type in the command '@set me=vacation', and contact charstaff if you're going to be gone for a long time, especially anything longer than three weeks. It's also courteous to post on the vacation board if you're regularly on and you're going to be gone for a short time, i.e. a week - people might be looking for you. At some point, of course, we must purge a character; often this happens around the year mark. If you had a character and this happens to you, though, you may be able to get them back with minimal hassle, at admin discression; this is particularly true in the case that you were very active and a player in good standing when you were here previously.

Q) What does IC stand for? Edit

A) In Character.

Q) What does OOC stand for? Edit

A) Out Of Character.

Q) What's a PC? Edit

A) Short for Player Character. These are usually far more powerful than most beings. See the entry for Elites. This is an OOC-only term.

Q) What's an NPC? Edit

A) Non-Player Character. These vary wildly in power, though most are much less powerful than PC's. This is an OOC-only term.

Q) What's a gumby? Edit

A) Slang for a very weak NPC. This is an OOC-only term and somewhat dated. These are usually cannon fodder, i.e. they're there to be killed or are only significant if used in large numbers.

Q) What's a "red shirt?" Edit

A) A red shirt is a gumbie. This is (USUALLY) an OOC-only term, though occasionally you'll find jokes cropping up about it (for instance, a bunch of NPC troops that are about to be killed might all have red shirts on). There are exceptions; for instance, in at least one theme one of the cannon fodder character types have red uniforms and are informally referred to as "red shirts." The term 'red shirt' is from Star Trek, in which the original series often had security guards wearing red shirts who were killed.

Q) What's the etiquette for using NPCs? Edit

A) SPARINGLY is usually the word of the day. Don't try to auto-win with lots and lots of NPCs. You'll get called for twinking. Expect most NPCs to go over quickly. If your theme allows you some tougher NPCs, go ahead and use them, but beware not to use too many or you might find your tougher NPCs depowered. It's best to use NPCs in the background, many times, while the PCs fight it out, i.e. NPC army vs. NPC army. It is also important that attackers know that they should NOT automatically assume they kill NPCs; they can beat the hell out of them, and defeat them, of course, as they're usually much much stronger than rank and file unnamed NPCs, but it's the controlling player's choice as to whether or not they actually die.

Q) What's a sub-character? Edit

A) A very special type of character that's attached to your character; for instance, a sentient pet-type your character might have would be a sub character. Usually these are "underneith" the main character, though often subcharacters are just as prominent in RP as the main character.

Q) What's a compound character?Edit

A) A compound character is a character with two or more characters together being played at the same time. For instance, if you were to app two telepathically connected twins and wanted to play them simultaneously that might be a compound character.

Q) What's the layout of the Multiverse? Edit

A) The Multiverse is composed of a single, huge superplanet (many lightyears in diameter). On the surface various worlds are splayed out (flattened). Instead of magma within, however, there's a huge space-like area called the Void in which whole planets and stars exist. "Above" the Multiverse atmosphere are various different other moons and stars from various worlds. At the very "top" is an impenetrable barrier. Beyond that are more moons and a single massive super star.

Q) What are warp gates? Edit

A) Warp gates are like Stargates - portals which warp from one place to another - which are both naturally occuring and artificially occuring. Each one can link to a certain number of others, so you have to use a chain of them to get to places. They're controlled by thoughts indirectly so walking along will get you closer to your destination.

Q) What is aura? Edit

A) Aura is the "main character effect." Basically all PC's have aura, as reflected by their power levels. Everyone has some amount of aura (even NPCs), but the heros of the story have much much more. It's unknown whether or not who the person is and what they've done affects the aura, or if the aura is why they are who they are and done what they've done. It's probably a bit of both.

Q) What are Elites? Edit

A) An Elite is roughly speaking any player character, and some non-player characters. They have large amounts of aura, and are generally far more powerful and/or effective than a random bystander.

Q) What are Custodians? Edit

A) Custodians are the guys who created the Multiverse. They were first identified during the Oblivion TP. Some are very powerful, others are very weak, but all of them have some demigod-like aspects. There are good Custodians and bad Custodians - the good ones were dragged along for the ride, the bad Custodians are using this place for their own purposes. At present, only a few Custodians are known, most notably Govic and Eta Carine (from the Oblivion TP) and Katan (from the TP from July 2007, apparently on the good side). More will be revealed in future TPs.

Q) What's Oblivion? Edit

A) Oblivion is a large piece of negative energy and unreality created by the destruction of a previous Multiverse the Custodians created. It was destroyed in a TP early in the MUSH's history, though some pieces are still floating around.

Q) What are Nightmares? Edit

A) Nightmares are the reanimated corpses of Elite-level guys from the previous Multiverse. They are, suffice it to say, Bad News, and are generally a TP-only thing. They seem to originate from the Volatile Wastelands. At least one major war in the distant past of the MUSH's background was fought and won against them.

Q) What's the balancing effect? Edit

A) The balancing effect is the IC factor that allows humans to go toe to toe with mecha and win. Simply put it more or less says all worlds are roughly equal in terms of effectiveness in combat. No, it doesn't make perfect sense, but it's the only way to reasonably accomodate so many different themes without outright disallowing most, if not all, of the more powerful ones, or severely crippling some.

Q) What's a credit?Edit

A) Standard unit of currency. Think roughly on par with the US dollar. Both the Union and Confederacy have their own credits, but they're roughly equal to each other. They've replaced most national currencies in sub-nations within the Union and Confederacy. This is NOT the same as the 'credits' that come up with the 'inventory' command - those have to do with MUSH programming, and are generally not something players need to worry about.

Q) What's a Target Zone, or a Target? Edit

A) A Target Zone is an area specifically set aside on the MUSH for battling it out. These are usually independant of particular themes, and are valuable for some reason, i.e. lots of resources. Target battles are fought to see who controls it. RP is encouraged to happen between target battles to help exploit these target areas for their resources while the faction who occupies it can control it. RP to exploit these resources is encouraged, within reason, so long as your faction occupies the zone.

Q) What's a Target Battle? Edit

A) A battle for a specific Target Zone.

Q) What's a time bubble? Edit

A) A "time bubble" is basically an OOC concept which allows you to RP in a time separate from the rest of the MUSH. This is NOT time travel, but, let's say you're RPing with someone and they have to go. You can pause the RP session. When you resume, the RP session will probably be in a "time bubble" - the RP is going on at the original time that it occurred. This is handy when someone has to pause. Note that when in a time bubble generally you should not use IC radio channels - remember, everyone else is in a different time!

Q) What are ARTHUR, SCION, FACT or FURY? Edit

A) ARTHUR is the Union main computer AI. SCION is the 'secured' Union computer AI. FACT is the main computer AI for the Feds, and FURY is the 'secured' Fed computer AI. Though they are usually @emit'd by admin limited use by players is allowed, i.e. using them to get facts. Most of the time ARTHUR and FACT should be used; SCION and FURY are fairly special-purpose and usually relate to high-security things such as changing clearance codes or using high-powered weapons or other CoC matters. That said, Elites still interact with SCION and FURY at times. The AI's are fully sentient and can actually live with their personal memories outside of the mainframe (making it possible for them to be 'saved' should the computer ever be damaged or destroyed). There are several independant copies of each unit in existance; however, most of the time we only interact with those at Union HQ and Confed HQ. These are referred to as '0' units - for instance, ARTHUR unit 0.

Q) What are some other important acronyms and terms? Edit

A) Some of these are from elsewhere in the document and some are from regular online interaction. Note that none of these are IC terms.

  • AFK - Away From Keyboard

  • AFAIK - As Far As I Know

  • BBIAB - Be Back In A Bit

  • BRB - Be Right Back

  • DM - Dungeon Master (see GM)

  • FTW - For The Win (usually in reference to something considered good)

  • GM - Game Master

  • IC - In Character

  • IIRC - If I Recall Correctly

  • IMO - In My Opinion

  • IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

  • IMNSHO - In My Not-So-Humble Opinion

  • Mav - See 'mis'

  • Mis - Accidentally using the wrong form of communication, i.e. a typo causes you to put something on one channel intended for another.

  • OOC - Out Of Character

  • OTP - One True Pairing (usually said sarcastically about a relationship from source material)

  • WTF - What The F(favorite end of F word here)

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