Costa De La Pacifica is a small town located in California-2164's Central Valley, whose name is often used by military personnel of America-2164 as euphemism for 'cheating' the Posse Comitatus and Insurrection Acts.

Essentially, both acts limit the use of Federal armed forces (i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard operating under federal capacity) to enforce laws within the United States. While such laws may be well-founded in preventing totalitarian government from forming, US-2164 has been placed in the precarious position of using covert federal forces to stop the spread of a doomsday contagion whose existence is officially denied to the general public of that nation. Unification and entrance into the Union compounds this problem by placing the country under risk of attack from forces which straddle the vague line between legitimate military threat and international crime. Though certain exemptions have been made (Union Elites, a combination of military special forces and supranational law enforcement, are exempt, and USSTRATCOM, a military command, deploys civilian agents within the United States), the top secret nature of the T-Virus and the difficulty in passing such legislation has led members and former members of JXDCOM and it's predecessor, BOWRAG, to evolve way of gaining separate municipal and state authority.

In a major outbreak, for example, JXDCOM troops responding would be temporarily transfered over to the State National Guard, which would be under nominal control of the governor. Most trained military biohazard specialists and medical personnel move from their current branches to the Public Health Service, a uniformed service that has jurisdiction in the United States. Senior members of JXDCOM at Fort Detrick, as well as response teams of the military police stationed there, hold 'provisional' ranks in the Maryland State Police, to the point where an entire 'reserve' formation of their SWAT unit (known as STATE teams) is comprised of these personnel. BOWCFS's that have moved away from the military or emergency response normally still hold positions as Reserve or Volunteer peace officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

It is from this latter example that the 'Costa De La Pacifica' moniker is applied. THe town itself is incorporated in a rural area, consisting of a single two story building, with the city government of no more than 25 people comprising the 'long-standing' residents of the town. As California allows any peace officer, no matter the city assigned, to enforce California state law, the police department of this 'town' can have a membership of upwards of a thousand officers, most of which are ex-military personnel elsewhere in the state. This has led to retirement from the military following a stint at Fort Detrick referred to as 'a transfer to the Costa De La Pacificia Police Department.'

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